Monthly Archives: February 2016

Strategic partnership with Acorn International LLC

Yirri Global is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Acorn International LLC. Acorn “delivers environmental and social risk management consulting to global industries and investors by partnering, directing and building capacity of local experts to promote local content and world-class quality assurance.” See announcement: You can contact Dr Anderson on Acorn matters at: […]

New West Africa Office

We have a new additional office in West Africa. You can find us there at: 33 Lake Ave. East Legon, Accra, Ghana Phone: Josephine Nyante: +233244219930 Please follow and like us:

Dr. Anderson pleased to be a member of the Interlaken Group

Dr Anderson is very pleased to be a member of the Interlaken Group, a multi-stakeholder group working on improving the extractive sector’s approach to land access and customary land rights and tenure. Learn more at: Please follow and like us:

Unearthing gold not conflict

Executive Perspective: Unearthing Gold not Conflict (Original source: Thomson Reuters: By J. Chris Anderson, PhD | 24 November 2015 The traditional “gold rush,” as we know from history and film, has long been a thing of the past. When gold is discovered now, rarely is it found above the surface, where hordes of newly […]

FPIC is here to stay: New Acorn Note by Chris Anderson

Acorn Ideas Issue No. 41, December 2015 FPIC Is Here To Stay There was a time, not so long ago, when the phrase ‘human rights’ elicited one of two reactions in the extractive industry: Dismissiveness: People were often indifferent to the topic, saying that it was not relevant to their company’s work (‘We don’t employ […]