Comments from participants in the Social Performance Masterclass at Colorado School of Mines

Comments from participants in the Masterclass on Communities & Social Performance in the Extractives, Colorado School of Mines, 8-10 August 2016

  • “First of all, thank you so much for a wonderfully informative and thought-provoking workshop.   I learned a great deal from you, and from colleagues in the fantastic group.  I hope the Masterclass was seen as a great success by the CSM and that we can all look forward to this becoming an annual event!”
  • “Content was wow, wow, wow!”
  • “The instructor was a perfect mix of industry expertise and academic background.”
  • “I have learned more in these three days than in my eight months in the mining industry”
  • “Strength was the variety of topics, extremely engaging, wonderful group of varying experiences.”
  • “What a wonderful learning experience”
  • “The program is great!”
  • “Very valuable and broad; good examples from a variety of contexts”
  • “The instructor, Dr Anderson, was very knowledgeable and personable.”
  • “Great to have such a vast list of resources to utilize”
  • “Very open and inviting”
  • “Very knowledgeable instructor, great layout and content”
  • “Chris has incredible experiences and it was great to learn from his vast knowledge. Loved the relatable experiences to the class content.”
  • “Significant strength of the program was the role play and other practical activities; also the bibliography”
  • “Experienced instructor, great communicator”
  • “Great interplay between the work group sessions and the topics covered.”
  • “Experienced instructor with real life examples”
  • “Significant strength of the course was the experiences of the facilitator that allowed us to see each topic from different perspectives.”
  • “I was thrilled with the overall course.”
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