Our Approach

Yirri LLC is a boutique firm that offers social performance counsel and strategic communication.  We operate globally and across several industries and sectors, and in the spaces between business and their communities and the external context in which they operate.


Yirri is is based on the premise that many companies still regard ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR)  as philanthropy, donation, and sponsorship – throwing only money at the ‘problem’ that local communities can present to a business.  It is clear now that government permits, licenses, and regulator approvals are insufficient.

Communities can slow or halt construction and development, impede production and, in fact, destroy a business or investment entirely.  Our experience, worldwide over the last several decades, is that communities can work together with business; they want development and economic growth as long as the environment is protected and as long as they have a role in decisions that impact them.

Communities can also be a lower cost option for employment and supply chain, in addition to supporting a peaceful business context.  Achieving this is not rocket science and it is not necessarily costly.  It requires effective due diligence prior to investment, the building of a social knowledge base, strategic and effective engagement, and partnerships.

Yirri can provide comprehensive advice at each of these stages as well as advocacy, both externally and internally for this approach.