AILAP farmersimagesIMG_2699carlin-5-24-06_03-wsOur experience of culture and human life over more than 35 years in Indigenous and other communities has produced a passionate belief and commitment that only wise and sustainable business can overcome poverty – as long as local communities are convinced that the business activity can be done in an environmentally safe manner, that they have a say in decisions that impact them, and that they benefit from it.

Assisting business and communities to come to engagement and agreement that embodies this is our mission and passion.

Dr. Chris Anderson is the Principal of Yirri.  He has worked as a field practitioner and senior executive in the mining industry for 17 years, with Rio Tinto, Newmont Mining, and Normandy Mining.  He is an anthropologist and has worked with and for Indigenous communities on a variety of issues including land claims, Royal Commissions, customary law, and similar.  In addition, he is a practicing academic and a field anthropologist with community experience with Indigenous peoples around the world.

He is a board member of the World Bank Institute’s Open Contracting Initiative, past chair of the International Council on Mining & Metals Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples Working Group, and was Alumnus of the Year in 2013 at the University of Queensland.

Dr. Anderson holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Queensland in Brisbane Australia where he is also an Adjunct Professor.