Yirri Global and Chris Anderson summary of initiatives, speeches & publications

Extractive assurance work (Anderson):

Member of Technical Evaluation Group review for Rio Tinto Investment Committee of Board:

  • Oyu Tolgoi Mine, Mongolia, 2014
  • Simandou Project, Guinea, West Africa 2012
  • Kemano Hydro Project, Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada 2013
  • Eagle Mine Expansion, Michigan, USA 2012

Member of Site Management Assessment of Communities & Social Performance:

  • Kennecott Utah Copper, Bingham Canyon 2012
  • Boron Mine, California, 2012
  • La Granja project, Peru, 2013

Member of Integrated Health, Safety, Environment & Communities Review:

  • Boron Mine, California, 2014

Member Rio Tinto Global CSP Advisory Group

  • Resolution (AZ) Copper Project, 2014-15

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Current and recent initiatives in which Yirri Global is engaged:

Open Contracting Partnership,  Board member

RESOLVE: Working Group on Free, Prior & Informed Consent

First Peoples Worldwide Risk Valuation Group

On improving tribal-corporate relations in the mining sector: A White Paper on Strategies for Both Sides of the Table by The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development

GOXI: Sharing in governance of extractive industries

Business for Social Responsibility Human Rights Working Group

Aluminium Standards Initiative

Chairperson for International Council on Mining & Metals, Indigenous Peoples & Human Rights Working Group (drove development of ICMM’s Position statement and guidance notes on Indigenous Peoples and Mining (2011-2014)

Member of small group representing major ICMM member companies, negotiating with the International Finance Corporation on their Performance Standard #7, especially relating to Free, Prior and Informed Consent (2011-2014).

Rio Tinto Stakeholder Engagement Academy: Board member, content developer and lecturer (2012-15).

Member, Expert Advisory Group on United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Business Reference Guide (2013)

Member, the Interlaken Group: Scaling-Up Strategies to Secure Community Land and Resource Rights: An International Conference to Take Stock of Current Efforts, Identify Promising Strategies, and Catalyse New Alliances and Action September 19-20, 2013 | Interlaken, Switzerland

Founding member, Business & Biodiversity Offset Programme Steering Group – BBOP (Programme coordinated by Forest Trends, the Katoomba Group and Insight Investments) (2004-2007).

Member of World Economic Forum’s Water Initiative (2005)

Member, Steering Group, International Alert’s 2004 project ‘Conflict-Sensitive Business Practice: Guidance for Extractive Industries’, published and released at the UN in March 2005.

Participant, Collaborative Development Action’s Corporate Engagement Project, Cambridge, Mass., 2004.

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Recent and select invited lectures, speeches & panel presentations:

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Major publications & outreach

Mining & community

‘Mining and the fall and rise of poverty in southern West Virginia’. Extractive Industries and Society. (2014)

‘Malaria epidemiology in the Ahafo area of Ghana’, Kwaku P. Asante, Chris Anderson and others. Malaria Journal 2011, 10 (On line).

‘A partnership for more sustainable communities’ Good Practice: Newsletter of the International Council on Mining & Metals. London. Vol 6: Issue 1, June 2007, Pp 8-9.

‘Newmont in Ghana: Breaking New Ground’, Society of Mining Engineers, Mineral Processing Division 2005 – New Mines, New Opportunities, New Attitudes, 30 April 2005, Colorado Springs.

‘Threat to opportunity: Moving the mining industry outside its bubble’, Mines & Money conference, 1 December, 2004, London

‘Sustaining the community: people and mining’, Mineral Economics & Management Society Annual Meeting, 23 April 2004, Toronto

‘Doing business in a new world’, American Chamber of Commerce and Peru 2021: ‘VII International Symposium: Modern Business & Social Responsibility – New Challenges for Business due to Globalization’, 19 November, 2002, Swissotel, Lima, Peru

‘Is science helping kill the mining industry?’ Paper delivered to Annual Meeting, Geological Society of America, Science at the Highest Level. October 27-30, 2002, Denver.

‘Mining has come a long way in cleaning up its act’, Ecofutures. May-July 2002. Page 25.

‘The New Age: Newmont and South Australia’. Speech given to the South Australian Chamber of Mines & Energy Minerals & Energy Annual Conference. Adelaide 23 May, 2002.

‘What would sustainability look like in the mining industry and how do we get there? International Codes, Technology & Sustainability for the Minerals Industry. G.R. Appleyard (Ed.) Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy Pub. Series No. 31/2002. Melbourne. Pp.175-178. 2002.

‘Soft is hard: Global business – A case study from mining’. Keynote address for CEO Summit: Asia Pacific Business Leaders, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 17-19 November 2001.

‘Brand building: The story of the Normandy Way’. Corporate Branding conference, 21-22 November 2001, Sydney.

Gold & Black: Sponsorship as a relationship medium. Speech for Connect – Australian Performing Arts Centres Association Annual Conference, Adelaide Festival Centre, 18-20 October 2001

Sponsorship and the private sector. Paper presented at Prism 2001: 12th Annual Public Relations Industry Summit, Sydney, 27-29 June 2001.

Strategic thinking in a global context. Speech to BankWest Leadership Development Program, Adelaide. 28 May 2001

The two cultures of environmental management. Paper delivered at the Minerals Council of Australia Annual Environment Workshop, Perth, Western Australia. 20 September, 2000.

Beyond the moat: Mining and the New Order. Paper presented at Mining Millennium 2000, March 5 – 10, 2000, Toronto, Canada

Aboriginal business and mining companies: The Normandy Way. Paper given at the ‘Doing Business with Aboriginal Communities’ conference, 1 March 2000, Darwin.

We are the World: Community Relations and Public Affairs. Normandy Management Conference, Adelaide. 26 October 1999

Stretching our blankets: Towards a people-focussed resource industry. Doing Business with Aboriginal Communities Forum, Adelaide, 23-26 February 1999

Soft is now hard: Mining and the global community. Keynote address, AME/Dresdner Kleinwort Benson Metals and Mining Conference, Sydney, 20 May 1999

Mining and Community: The future. Keynote address, Pacrim ’99: International Congress on Earth Science, Exploration and Mining around the Pacific Rim

Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, 10-13 October 1999. Published in AusIMM Bulletin February 2000: pp 23-26.

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Indigenous peoples issues and older publications

‘Multiple views of paradise: Perspectives on the Daintree rainforest’, Festschrift for Emeritus Professor Bruce Rigsby, Anthropology Department, University of Queensland. Forthcoming.

‘Was God ever a ‘boss’ at Wujal Wujal? Lutherans and Kuku-Yalanji: A Socio- Historical Analysis’. In Carolyn Schwarz & Françoise Dussart (Eds.): Dialogue with Christianities: Rethinking Aboriginal Australia, The Australian Journal of Anthropology, 20:33-50. 2010

‘White fella call it art’: Why Yuendumu does it so well. [Chapter in Warlukurlangu Art book]. Felicity Wright (Ed.) In publication.

Traditional material culture of the Kuku-Yalanji of Bloomfield River, North Queensland. Records of the South Australian Museum, 29 (1):63-83. 1994

Aborigines and conservation: The Daintree-Bloomfield road. Australian Journal of Social Issues, 24, (3):214-228. 1989

Centralization and group inequalities in north Queensland. In J. C. Altman (Ed.) Emergent Inequalities in Aboriginal Australia Oceania Monograph. 38. Pp. 67-84. 1989

All bosses are not created equal. Anthropological Forum, 5, (4):507-524. 1988

Anderson, C. & Suzette Coates. `Like a crane standing on one leg on a little island’: An investigation of factors affecting the lifestyle of Wujalwujal community, north Queensland Sydney: National Aboriginal and Islander Legal Services Secretariat. 1988

A case study in failure: Kuku-Yalanji and the Lutherans at Bloomfield River, 1887- 1902. In T. Swain & D.B. Rose (Eds). Aborigines and Christianity: Anthropological and Historical Studies, Australian Association for the Study of Religion. Pp. 321-337. 1988

The Political & Economic Basis of Kuku-Yalanji Social History. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Queensland. 1984.

Aborigines and tin mining in north Queensland: a case study in the anthropology of contact history. Mankind 13, (6):473-498. 1983.

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With P. Clarke. In Unlocking Museums: The Proceedings of the 4th national Conference of Museums Australia. Darwin 1997. Museums Australia: Melbourne Pp. 172-176. 1998

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Museums: Inside-out. Australian Leisure Management, February/March 1997: 34- 36. 1997

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Politics of the Secret. Chapter in Politics of the Secret. C. Anderson (Ed.). Oceania Monograph No. 45. University of Sydney. 1995

Politics of the Secret. Anderson, C. (Editor). Oceania Monograph. No. 45. University of Sydney. 1995

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Australian Museum Vol. 25, Part 1(111-112). 1991

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Report of the accreditation sub-committee of the working group on consultative anthropology. With I. Keen, Australian Anthropological Society Newsletter. 15:5-11. 1982

Keynote address at the launch of ‘Accessing the Dreaming: Heritage, Conservation and tourism at Mungo National Park by Olga Gostin. Kaurna Higher Education Journal, Issue 4, November. P. 40. University of South Australia. 1993

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Exhibitions (Curated)

‘Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia’. (Co-curated with Peter Sutton, et al.) Asia Society Galleries, New York; Alfred & David Smart Gallery, University of Chicago; County Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles; Museum of Victoria, Melbourne; South Australian Museum, Adelaide. 1988- 1990.

‘Yuendumu: Paintings out of the Desert’ (with Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Artists Association). Adelaide Arts Festival, March 1988, SA Museum, until February 1991.

‘Canvas & Bark: Aboriginal art from Central and Northern Australia’. SA Museum, 1991-92.

‘Boomerang’. (Co-curated with Philip Jones), SA Museum, Adelaide Arts Festival, March 1992

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Exhibition catalogs

Boomerang. With P. Jones, South Australian Museum. Adelaide. 1992

Essay in catalogue for exhibition, ‘Superimposition’, Ann Newmarch. Prospect
Gallery, Adelaide, Feb-March 1992

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Consultant to and subject of ‘Sacred Journeys’, Mills Street Productions for ABC (Australian) Television, 1995-6.

Writer (with Franchesca Alberts): Aboriginal Art episode, Aboriginal Studies Series, Open Learning Agency, ABC Television, 1993.

Writer and concept development (with P. Jones): ‘A History of the Boomerang’, South Australian Museum, 1992.

Consultant to ‘Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World’ for Adrian Malone/Meech-Grant Productions, Toronto & Los Angeles 1989; Australia 1990.

Narrator & writer of ‘Market of Dreams’ for Kennedy White Productions Adelaide 1990.

Consultant to ‘Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia’, Film Australia, Sydney 1988.

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