Social Performance Short Course at Colorado School of Mines


Are you ready for a community to determine the fate of your extractive investment?

A Master Class on Social Performance in the Mining and Oil & Gas Sectors

August 8 – 10, 2016 • Golden, Colorado USA

We are pleased to let you know of a Master Class on Social Performance in the Mining and Oil & Gas Sectors to take place at the Colorado School of Mines in the second week of August. The course is a three-day intensive workshop that will provide a comprehensive picture of where the extractive industry is in its engagement with the external world, particularly its communities. It will argue strongly that achieving a social license to operate is a business imperative and that companies risk not only costs and delays but their very survival in not doing so. The course will convince you that it can be done well and that it is not just about spending lots of money! Issues to be covered include: Social license to operate, free, prior, and informed consent, human rights, NGO, government, and media relations, Indigenous peoples, social investment, the IFC performance standards, and agreement-making.

Special attention will be paid to organizational requirements and competencies for success in the field of social performance. We will cover all phases of extractive activities from exploration to closure in both mining and oil and gas.

Dr. Chris Anderson, who is one of the extractive world’s leading communities and social performance practitioners, will teach the course. Dr. Anderson has worked on some of the most difficult projects with seemingly intractable community issues. He has been engaged at both a corporate policy level and on the ground at sites in more than two dozen countries on four continents.

The course will be based on the ‘war stories’ from Dr. Anderson’s own experience, and also on case studies from all over the extractive world. There will be opportunities for small group discussion, problem solving exercises, and simulations.

The course is designed for anyone in the extractive industry, government or civil society interested in improving the social performance of projects and operations. Day One, though open to all, is designed particularly for senior executives and presents a ‘big picture’ view of the business imperatives around social license to operate and the evidence and rationale for doing well in this domain. Also covered will be the global political, legal and social contexts in which mining and oil & gas now operate and the current trends emerging for dealing with these changes. Days Two and Three present content aimed at general managers and project managers, as well as practitioners in the areas of social performance.

Registration for the course is open now!

Discounts of the registration fee are available for those who register early, and also for students. Attendance of only a portion of the course is also an option.

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